So What Now?

It doesn’t matter what you choose to invest in. Who am I to tell you? But be warned that YOU will be there, calling the shots. The market, the industry, the players, all those will pale in comparison to the influence you will bring to bear on your success or your failure in the space. Whether or not you combine traditional asset classes and diversify, or buy a little tea house in the Himalayas, or start a remote online business to enable you to roam different spaces while building your commercial footprint, you will need to read. A lot. Content creators will not give you a comprehensive view of where to invest your hard-earned assets. You will need to source and ingest relevant and timely information, data, and insights, if you have a chance of succeeding proactively in any business.

Am I suitable for business investing?

If you suspect that you do not manage businesses well, but you have the ideas, insights, and capital available to contribute to the business world in your own way, then you should fit in where it is the best fit! Not everyone is a manager, entrepreneur, founder, CEO, or a great accountant. Some of us simply don’t want the stress or commitment of shouldering everything a business entails, but this does not exclude us from the benefits and experiences that being involved in business can add to our lives. Beware whose advice you listen to, and be judicious dispensing it too, but most of all, have fun and learn how to navigate this exciting landscape in a responsible and rewarding way. Learn, grow, collaborate, and profit! Most of all, never stop asking the right questions of the right people. Learn from your own mistakes and the mistakes of others, and you will fare well in your journey of self-actualization.