Where are you going in 2023?

This is going to be a great year for many people. It’s mostly an issue of mindset, not travel. We are facing the emergence from isolation and restrictions, and many of us have had to reevaluate ideas around work, the economy, personal finance, ambitions, how to support family, and learn (or re-learn) how to thrive within ourselves. To that end, it’s not about external travel, but a journey within - to re-orient our notions of what we want and what is sustainable in the short and long terms. This is intentionally vague, as it is as different as individuals themselves. The one common thread is that the internal work and probing of questions is difficult, and requires us to challenge our assumptions. To the degree we go out on a limb and imagine change, we can perceive and even achieve it. Limitations we apply to ourselves are a product of our own choices, not by the assumptions of our society or family. We need to take responsibility for our defaults and change according to preferences, if we are to have the opportunity to experience happiness in 2023. This is a spiritual journey away from what we do not prefer. Many of us have received a necessary push in recent years by the changes imposed upon us by circumstances. Life has been anything but ordinary - however, we need our own impulse of intentional and constructive change to achieve growth. It is not enough to go where we are pushed out from (our comfort zones) or to take action based on aversions (we all have them). Real expansion, which leads to new vision in life, and true happiness, comes from seeking to attain something imagined, desirable, attainable, realistic, and usually sustainable (to be healthy). This obligation, to seek, rests with each individual and can be inspired and shared among many, so it is also a community endeavor. Stagnation, or the feeling of not going anywhere, is temporary and it is a choice. This year in 2023, let’s make a concerted effort to redefine where we are going together and exercise the tools and knowledge we all possess to be successful. Join us!