What is this all about?

Lifestyles go by many names. People go by many labels. Vagabond, Traveler, Digital Nomad, Free Spirit, Person of The World, Explorer, etc. We may hold definitions in our limited minds about the nature of freedom, when and if it is applicable to us as individuals and members of families. ‘When’ is a good question. Do we work all our lives and then ‘retire’ to a safe and enjoyable place with all the accumulations of objects, people, resources, and wisdom we have collected throughout an uncertain lifetime? Do we seek travel as a temporary escape or indulgence, to lightly touch a sense of another world not our own, to briefly glimpse other ways of life and possibilities, only to resign ourselves to the certainty that we intend only to return to the familiar and ‘stable’ life we know and commit to serving? Do we feel a sense of obligation to others, to our cities and nation states, somehow owing them our presence, investment and commitment for a lifetime, as though they were a dependent family member? Or is there perhaps some combination of definitions that you wish to explore and even change over time, to redefine your lifestyle and the vast opportunities that the world may offer you - if you take a leap of imagination? Join us in examining this topic and exploring the collection of people, places, and things that make it all worthwhile. After all, life is for living and celebrating together. Most of the people that will make a difference in your life, you have not even met yet. We are all out there, waiting for you.