Good Morning

Today, I rose before everyone. As the sun peeked over the mountain, a lone dog sat in the middle of the road wondering something and others in the distance complained of some disturbance. Birds began their morning greeting and so did I. “I want to convey a sense of peace, so others can follow”, I thought to myself. I mean, who rises at 6am on a Sunday morning from the sheer joy of being conscious and awake? It was only a sleep of less than five hours, to be clear, but there is always a nap in the afternoon if needed or desired.
A coffee at this time is not just a ritual, but a welcome intervention, despite my seeming readiness to greet the day. I don’t know what I want to do today, and that is the best part. The possibilities are multi-dimensional. The lack of drive toward particular outcomes is a state pregnant with the freedom of thought and intention that give me pause to really think for myself, and practice acceptance for whatever the day and I co-create. I just know that I want to share it with others in alignment with the highest good for all, and my values which are creative in nature…
I will not consume political, controversial, or negative narratives today, whatever the algorithm tempts me with. Instead, I will create a video and post it, the first of a kind for me, on my new channel. I will derive satisfaction from the giving, not the consuming. Good morning.