Sustainable Development Means Now

The Future is Just Good Business™


A clean source of nutrients and hydration free from toxins and pathogens is essential to sustaining healthy and independent communities.


Responsible generation, distribution, and consumption begins at home. Renewable technologies are advancing faster than ever before, and minimalism can help bridge the gap.


The cycle of biological regeneration can be optimized to make human impact a net benefit to the environment. Waste can be processed and re-introduced as part of a healthy life!

Investing in Ethical and Sustainable Governance and Living Standards

We understand the future is a complex thing to build successfully. Humans have been striving in a multitude of ways to sustain life and prosper in coordination, community, and often in conflict with one another. Nature has its own set of challenges and ethical considerations. To thrive, we need to work together to build individually and collectively abundant modalities and technologies that make sense.

There is no perfect or idealistic solution, and we are in a period of transition to a better way of living and stewarding our experiment on planet earth. However, we vote with every dollar, everything we consume, everything we expend, and each word we say. Our intentions drive our individual, social, cultural, and institutional behaviors. Today, more than ever, it is essential we take an attitude toward change that does not demand of others, but places the responsibility squarely on ourselves to set examples within our own spheres of power.

Current Developments

Our seminal project is a research and development settlement which will deliver services and a temporary community for practitioners, technologists, sociologists, investors, indigenous advisors, natural resource experts, and those interested in participating in a thinktank for future sustainability.  

State of Paraná in Brazil

We have identified several target locations in Paraná, Brazil for launching the development of our first project. Natural resources, the ability to preserve and protect the landscape for generations, and the cooperation of local and federal governmental bodies are key to our strategic vision for this site. We are assembling our Board of Directors to advise and oversee the execution of all the crucial details, with local intelligence and motives, international training and experience, and a mix of traditional and entrepreneurial sensibilities.

The need to benefit the local economy and culture is central to our commitment, in addition to respecting the native land and the heritage of its peoples. We recognize that we are all here for a short time, and everything we touch is merely borrowed in an exchange of energy and wisdom.

Investment Opportunities

We are a for-profit loose organization of people and companies bent on radical collaboration for the good of humankind and the planet that hosts us. It is not our stock or brand capitalization that matters, but the outcomes and potentials of what we execute in the world among real people, involved and invested in their own lives and the betterment of the lives of others. While this is a feel-good story, it is also an enterprise of value and growth investing. We welcome partnerships, associations, royalty agreements, the combining of products, technologies, and services, to make our vision a reality. Following our passion is the way we deliver outcomes, and we embrace the not-knowing of exactly how it will come to be. That’s where you come in, with your resources, wisdom, teachings about your area of expertise, and all the ways you bring value besides financial input. The dividends are both financial and in human output of creativity and innovation, so that when we learn to live better, we all profit more on a holistic integration of levels, all necessary to say that our venture is a ‘success’. Our governance and responsibilities in the world are guided by the vision and values of a multitude of the best we can find in the world. An idea meritocracy that unifies, doesn’t divide, in a time of great risk and a time of great opportunity for change and development as a human society.

Technology and tradition are not at odds, at least not where we see it going. Our best ideas and tools may be deployed in responsible and healthy ways to empower the natural world to regenerate and sustain our consumption at the same time, in balance.

Human conflict is resolved through mutual understanding and sharing of new experiences that test and resolve our differences, regardless of socio-economic, spiritual, cultural, or political beliefs. How we live in harmony and approach these conflicts will determine our destiny as a species.

Nature provides us everything we need to thrive, in several aspects: the sustenance for our bodies, the environment for our safety and survival, the tools for productivity, and the intelligence to raise ourselves, if we choose to, among connections with others and the endeavors we have the courage to face. Life supports the living.

The future you get is the future you seize...

We would like to challenge you explorers, entrepreneurs, investors, and globetrotters, humans of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds, to join us in our vision to participate in a better world for the generations who depend on us to leave the planet in a better state than we found it. Together we will innovate and enact the value systems we would like to live under for years to come, using the wisdom of the human heart and the technology to make things better wherever we find challenges waiting for us.