Where we've seen the potential.

We’re only just beginning our journey across this great world of ours, but we have in the rear-view mirror some life-informing experiences and treks where the wind has taken us in this life. We anticipate the growing potential of people and their dreams in every place we have been. There is nowhere where the vitality of life does not thrive and we have seen the best smiles in every place, from beach to palace, from dirt road to city sidewalks laid with mosaics.


My (Chris’) home and native land. This is the container for many experiences and structures that I will seldom forget or shed. A launchpad for a life of curiosity and striving for something more. It’s not the top nation in the world or nearly the place where everyone should dream of making home, but it’s a stop on the way. It’s not perfect, but its beauty is legendary, and it has some of the most beautiful people I’ve met!

United States of America

Traditionally the freest nation on earth, where the template of the American Dream can be witnessed if one looks in the right places, and home to a vast landscape of natural, diverse wonder and peoples of many intricate cultures, both native and international.